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Town Hall Cinema Presents Stations of the Cross

February 201505th

20:00 Nenagh Arts CentreEntertainment

Town Hall Cinema Presents Stations of the Cross

Pious 14 year-old Maria (Lea van Acken) is already thinking of the life hereafter. Bullied at school due to an unwavering devotion to her faith -Maria’s family are members of the Society of St. Pius XII flock with an unshakeable belief in the traditionalist interpretation and teachings of Catholicism. As such, every single daily decision that Maria makes is to be examined and scrutinised in the eyes of Almighty God - and he’s clearly not one to let even the smallest trespasses things slide. But how far will our heroine go in His name?

Date: Thursday, 5th February at 8.00pm in Nenagh Arts Centre, Tickets: €8

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