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Joyful Celebrant

Creating memories and bespoke ceremonies

Joyful Celebrant
Life is full of special moments that should be cherished and remembered. My job and my dedication are to help you honour these celebration-worthy times through the creation of bespoke, joyful ceremonies.

You can trust me, your celebrant, to evoke an engaging ceremony that is authentic and unique to you. One that will be raved about forever. You will be able to relax as I create a cheerful and loving vibe for you and your guests.

Read on if you want to work with me to create a truly special day for the blessing that life has sent your way. Let’s Celebrate!

Vow Renewals:
You’ve weathered all that life has thrown at you and you love each other more than ever. This is quite an achievement and a great reason to celebrate! Or perhaps you want to revisit your wedding day and make it more personal and bespoke. This time, you wish to reaffirm your love your way with a ceremony that is deeply meaningful to you. Whatever your reason, we can work together to create a magical ceremony.

Yes! You can have your ceremony the way you want it! There are no restrictions with a Celebrant. Your wedding can be in your great-aunt’s kitchen and it can be religious or not. It is totally up to you. Just take care of the legal bits with the HSE (everyone has to do this anyway) and then do the rest your way. Another added plus is that you can incorporate ceremony enhancements that feel meaningful to you, like a hand-fasting or candle ceremony. If you are bringing together a ‘blended’ family, we can create a ritual that embraces children and helps them feel a part of the day too.

Commitment Ceremonies:
You want to proclaim to the world that you love each other, and you don’t need a legal certificate to show it! That is a great reason to joyfully shout: “This is who I want to be with!”. You should definitely have a celebration that is rich, meaningful, and as special as your love for each other.

Baby Namings:
Your family has grown and this needs to be celebrated. Names hold power and meaning, and it matters how a name is bestowed. You chose your baby’s name for specific reasons — maybe it was a long-lost relative’s name or maybe the name means something important — let your family know the significance of the name you chose through a delightful and sweet ceremony. Incorporate meaningful rituals on the day, like a tree planting, or another ritual that resonates with you.

And so many other ways to be joyful. You may want to select perhaps from:
Adoption ceremonies
New home blessings
Blessings of a field or newly erected barn
Solstice and Equinox celebrations
Life transitions
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