UL Hospital Nenagh

Our mission statement is that all our staff in this hospital will work together in a respectful, caring and professional way to deliver the best possible patient experience in a safe and clean environment and in the most effective and efficient way possible. We are committed to achieving this each and every day.

Our Local Injuries unit is open 7 days a week 8am to 8pm; we treat suspected broken bones sprains and strains, wounds, bites cuts and grazes minor scalds and burns. Due to reconfiguration, we are unable to treat adults with chest pain, breathing/ respiratory problems, head injuries and stroke or children under 5 years old.

X-ray GP Patients & Outpatients: Please note that a signed letter from your doctor is necessary to make an x-ray appointment. All patients need to make an appointment with the radiology department reception to access the services. Please contact 067 42342.

Exceptions: A Walk - in service is provided for chest x-ray referrals Monday to Friday, 09.00hrs - 13:00 and 14:00hrs-16:00hrs.

Radiology Services are provided to the LIU and MAU units during their opening hours.

Medical Admission Unit is a GP referral area where patient are assessed prior to being admitted to a ward bed or transferred to another hospital if required.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation combines exercise training and education sessions and is designed to help patients with breathing problems to control symptoms and improve day to day activities.

The heart failure support Unit empowers people with heart failure to achieve and maintain a good quality of life. Adequate support may reduce hospital admissions and healthcare costs.

Surgery in UL Hospital Nenagh occurs in two ‘new state of the art Theatres and Recovery’ which are in use since July 2014.  The new Sterile Services Department facilitates all our necessary set reprocessing requirements.  Our Surgical Day Ward is also revamped with 10 beds and 4 discharge bays.

We have visiting consultants performing day surgery Monday to Friday 8 - 5 pm.  Our specialities include: Urology, Orthopaedic, General, Vascular, Dental, Maxillo-Facial, Gynaecology and Dermatology.

We perform all minor surgeries requiring local and general anaesthetic.  Our patients requiring General Anaesthetic are pre-assessed prior to the proposed surgery date ensuring their suitability to our day surgery facilities.  This ensures that there are minimum cancellations thus ensuring optimum use of the available theatre time and facilities.

Our Endoscopy Unit opened in July 2011. It has 2 procedure room facilitated by 7 day beds, separate decontamination/clean room. Dr.  Manus Moloney is Clinical lead in Gastroenterology, based in Nenagh. The purpose of endoscopy  is to diagnose, treat and care for patients undergoing endoscopic examination in an appropriate, timely and effective manner. Endoscopic procedures are available to all patients in ages from 16 years upwards. Since 2014 we have commenced work in achieving JAG accreditation. Once achieving this we will be able to commence the National Cancer Screening Service Bowel Screen Programme.

We have a regional infusion service and drop in clinic for patients living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It has been in operation for over 10 years. We look after over 1600 patients a year. The nurse led service is run by Niamh Hogan CNS and Dr Manus Moloney Consultant Gastroenterologist.

The Medical Area consists of a 21 Male Bedded Area, and a 28 Female Bedded Area with 3 Resident Consultant Physicians - Dr O’Malley, Dr Moloney and Dr Haq.  Support services are provided by a Multi-Disciplinary Team, i.e. Diabetic Services, Cardiac Services, Palliative Care & Physio Services and Multi Task Attendants. Our fundamental core values reflect a Holistic approach to nursing that provides Privacy, Freedom of Choice, Dignity and Independence a in a Clean and Safe Environment.

The End of Life Care Initiatives developed at Nenagh Hospital in conjunction with good practice, uses the End of Life symbol to add respect and solemnity to items used following the death of a person and to make resources relating to the end of life instantly identifiable.

For example:  An oak ward altar can be used in hospitals when a patient is dying or following their death. The top of the altar features the end of life spiral. Religious and cultural items relevant to end-of-life care can be stored inside. The principle of the family handover bag is to promote a dignified and sensitive way of returning the deceased patient’s personal belongings to the family. A family room at Nenagh Hospital has been made available for families who have a dying relative or are bereaved in the Hospital.

  The end of life symbol can be explained as follows:

The three- stranded white spiral represents the interconnected cycle of birth, life and death .The white outer circle represents continuity, infinity and completion. Purple was the chosen colour as it is associated with nobility, solemnity and spirituality.

The symbol is normally displayed at a nurses’ station when a person has died or is dying and it is also used on a number of items associated with end of life care.

Our aim in Nenagh Hospital is to make the experience of dying as positive as it can be, both for those going through it and for those left behind.

For more information see www.hospicefriendlyhospitals.net

Education in Nursing is ongoing in our Hospital, from hourly sessions to nurses going on to Postgraduate and Masters Level.

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UL Hospital Nenagh – Infusion Centre Fundraising
A recent Christmas Sale in aid of the Infusion Centre at UL Hospital Nenagh has raised €1,685. Students from Teach an Leinn Adult Education Centre helped raise the funds through their mini company venture which was very successful. The funds will go towards continuing to provide group support workshops and individual one to one counselling for patients experiencing severe and debilitating Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

The Infusion Centre is aiming to provide a patient education day in the next few weeks for any patient accessing the infusion service including gastroenterology, dermatology and neurology patients.

The day will focus on healthy living mind and body. The aim is to bring speakers and use patient individual experiences. A dietician will speak on healthy eating and a fitness instructor will advise on getting fit after a relapse, while exploring the benefits of mindfulness techniques.

To date nearly €10,000 has been raised over the past 5 years through various charitable endeavours. This has been very beneficial to the unit but more importantly has inspired a new level of confidence and self esteem for the patients who have raised this money.

The Infusion Centre would like to say a huge thanks to all the hospital staff including catering and cleaning staff, LIU, MAU, Medical 1 and 2, endoscopy and the Surgical day ward, OPD, theatre and pre op assessment, x-ray, the laboratory, cardiology, physio, admissions office, secretaries, pharmacy, reception staff and bed managers.