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Raising Children’s Self-Esteem

March 201524th

19:30 Nenagh Arts CentreCommunity, Education

Raising Children’s Self-Esteem

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author and Speaker, Dr. Tony Humphreys gives a seminar looking at the important ways in which parents and care givers can help children to realize their worth. In the talk he will address various issues including: how parents can improve their relationship with self; how parents can help children to mature in many ways; emotionally, socially, and creatively; how each parent needs to have a different relationship with each of their children. Dr Tony Humphreys has written several best-selling books such as; ‘Self-Esteem-the Key to your Child’s Future’, ‘Understanding Teenagers’ and ‘Whose Life Are You Living?’

This event takes place in Nenagh Arts Centre on Tuesday 24th March at 7.30pm.

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