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Your Computer May Be At Risk!!

January 201413th


Your Computer May Be At Risk!!

Since it first launched in 2003 Windows XP has been supported by Microsoft. However this is all about to change from April 8th this year. After this date Microsoft will no longer provide technical assistance for Windows XP, this includes automatic updates that help protect your PC.

Continuing to use Windows XP after this date allows your computer to be exposed to security risks and viruses. Also as Microsoft invests their resources toward supporting more recent technologies you will encounter more apps and devices that will not work with Windows XP.
Home User Issues - No updates and no protection to risks and viruses.
Business User Issues - No updates and no protection to risks and viruses.
Also Java and Adobe will stop running and you won’t be able to use websites that use these applications, such as and banking on line sites.

The following options are available to you to continue using your computer without any risk:

  • Upgrade your Current PC – older computers will not be able to run Windows 8.1 which is the latest version. However some PCs will be able to run this version, have your PC checked by a qualified professional and if applicable they will be able to install the correct version successfully.
  • Get a new PC – Unfortunately if you cannot upgrade your PC you will have to think about purchasing a new one. A qualified professional will talk you through your options.

At Irishcomputers we will take the hassle and worry out of this decision for you. We will meet with you, inspect your current PC and talk to you about the possible and best solutions. We will then carry out any upgrades or advise you on any purchases.

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