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Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

June 201317th


Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

With modern cameras being capable of producing sharp well exposed images the temptation to cut corners by hiring someone with a "good camera" to produce photographs for your business, wedding etc is very high. In most cases the low price is soon forgotten when you are presented with the results. I have seen so many business websites with poor quality photographs that sometimes I wonder what kind of an image are they trying to portray to their prospective customers, You website is your shop window and should entice your clients to build a relationship with your company but poor quality images are akin to a very badly dressed shop window.

One of the first victims of a couples Budget for their wedding is usually the photography, Thousands can be spent on a dress, Flowers etc but sometimes only a few hundred euro is mentioned in the budget for their photographs which when all the memories of the big day fade the photographs are all that is left to remind them how beautiful everything looked, Vital questions the couples should be asking like - is the photographer insured, do they have back up equipment in the event of a camera problem, are they a member of a Professional Organisation, (I.P.P.A., S.W.P.P., M.P.A. etc ) Ask to see a full coverage of a recent wedding and do not depend on a few good looking images from a website as anybody can get lucky now and then. A good photographer should be able to deliver a consistent set of images irrespective of the location and weather conditions and  be able to handle people in a friendly manner.

Like all professions experience matters and you are trusting a photographer to sell your product or capture your important event so why trust such an important task to someone just because they were cheap? For more information on Professional Photography contact Tom O'Doherty on 087 751 8601.

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