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In Ground Trampoline Safety

June 201319th


In Ground Trampoline Safety

There seems to be a lot of negative publicity about trampolines recently from the medical profession which has made me look further, as the last thing I want to be doing is selling a product that is going to endanger anyone of it’s users.

I followed up on each of the reports that I’ve come across and the common tread that runs through all the reports, is collisions by multiple users. It’s rare for someone to get injured by simply falling incorrectly etc. The safety guidelines for ALL trampolines recommend 1 user at a time and discourages somersaults and other such dangerous moves. The simple fact of the matter is if 2 or more people use a trampoline at the same time the risk of injury is increased, so we as parents need to be aware of this and be responsible with our kids when they play on trampolines not forgetting that the benefits health wise are significant for all users in an age where all are strongly encouraged to exercise frequently and get away from the TV/computers etc.

The one thing that almost all in the medical profession agree on, is that In Ground Trampolines are definitely safer.

To find out more please contact JKC Toymaster, Pearse Street, Nenagh on 067 31391 or call in to view this popular product.

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