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Tipperary PPN COVID 19 Community Support Fund 2020

May 202016th

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Tipperary PPN COVID 19 Community Support Fund 2020

Tipperary PPN COVID 19 Community Support Fund 2020

Tipperary PPN are delighted to announce that they have set up a fund to support PPN Groups who are providing services and supports to the community during Covid 19.


The key objective of the scheme:

To provide support to voluntary and community groups mobilising a local community response to COVID-19 in Tipperary. Priority will be given to initiatives that strive to contain and limit the reach of the virus, safeguard volunteers and support vulnerable members in your community.


Groups may be funded under the following:

1. Community Response Team Initial Set Up Contribution: to cover initial costs incurred by establishing a local community response team.

2. COVID-19 Community Action Fund: a grant for local groups that demonstrates a strong partnership/ collaboration of local community groups and key services to safely respond to COVID-19 under the following themes of

  • Supporting Community Safety initiatives
  • Community well being programme
  • Virtual Community Gatherings
  • Support target for older and vulnerable people


Tipperary Community Response to COVID-19 Funding scheme:

Eligible costs:

Eligible costs include leaflets/ flyers, social media, mobile phone (purchase), personal protection equipment (i.e. gloves, masks, sanitizers), insurance, virtual event costs, trainer/ tutor/ instructor fees, design/ print of leaflets, programme material, publicity etc… (this list is not exhaustive)

Items and expenses excluded from the fund are any expenditures on items incurred before approval of the grant. Spend on alcoholic beverages, fines, penalty payments, legal cost, or general overheads such as wages are also excluded.


Grants are available for costs involved with organising activities and running programmes, with a maximum grant envisaged under the Scheme of €500.00

Applications should be emailed to

Please Note:

  • Groups applying must register their service with Tipperary Volunteer Centre email
  • Groups must be willing to have their service mapped with the local Authority.
  • If you have any queries regarding the grant or the application please email or Call 0504 61014

COVID 19 Community Support Fund Application Form

Keep up the fantastic work in your communities.

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