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Calling All Community Members

March 201805th

Calling All Community Members

Your help is needed.

Our community is sustained and thrives due to the health of our local businesses. Imagine a town with no businesses at its centre. Such a thought is the stuff of nightmares.

Local businesses employ us and our children as well as support our clubs and organizations with donations and time. Amazon and e-Bay don’t do that.

Small businesses exert a positive influence on the community as well as the country. When we choose to visit small businesses, we are giving back to our local communities. Successful local businesses support the community by paying rates and taxes. These rates, in turn, support services such as:

  • Fire Service
  • Public lighting
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Environmental protection
  • Water supply & sewerage
  • Libraries
  •  Heritage, tourism, public amenities, and the arts
  • Community supports and initiatives

Recently our local businesses have been hard hit by several days of closures due to the storm and in 2016 and 2017 struggled through all the road work upheavals. At that time, some people were heard to say ‘avoid Nenagh’ and that not only hurt the businesses, but it also hurt funding for services of which we avail.

But we are lucky, they are strong and persevered.

So, let’s show them that they matter and are valued:

From now until Easter, make all your purchases in the town of Nenagh. Don’t buy online, take a moment to enjoy what our town offers, and walk the streets for all your needs. Our town centre can pretty much offer you anything you need, from staples to extravagances.

For a bit of fun and to go the extra mile, next time you are buying something in town, hand them a little token of your appreciation. Follow this link to get your free ‘tip’ to give out – it’s not worth anything to you but it is worth a great deal to them and lets them know they are valued.

Caution: by giving them this token, you might just unexpectedly make their day!


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