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Silent Noise Parade launch debut album

October 201212th

21:00 NenaghEntertainment, Music

Silent Noise Parade launch debut album

Lyrically dark ditties that you can dance to. It’s a strange juxtaposition and unlikely departure for musicians who started out playing in rock bands, but so it goes with the debut album from new Nenagh enterprise Silent Noise Parade.

Electric Lives and the Nightmare that Follows is one of those albums that refuses to be pigeonholed into any particular genre, introducing itself instead as a riot of alt electro-pop. While undeniably rock-influenced at their core, the songs are synth-driven and dancey; the kind of soundtrack you want on at a party.

Interestingly however, the music is laced with dark lyrical themes, making for lively upbeat tunes splashed across a morose and melancholic backdrop.

This is perhaps best typified in “We Used to Drink”, a song that soars on tapestries of sonic mood, but never escapes the depths of its soul-felt undertones.

Other standout tracks, such as debut single “Electric Priestess” and its likely follow-up

“Dancers” successfully marry industrial melodies with hard-hitting choruses that will leave you entranced in the moment. Most would agree that Electric Lives has a distinctive 80s feel to it, but comparisons range between everything from Depeche Mode to La Roux to M83. Suffice is to say that this album will appeal to a wide audience, such is its multi-faceted level of authenticity. Definitely worth a listen if you’re after something different, this is pioneering music with a soul, and hopefully we’re going to be hearing a lot more of it.

Electric Lives and the Nightmare that Follows will be released on Friday, October 12th when it will be available to download on iTunes, Amazon, etc, and in store at HMV, Tower Records and other outlets.

A taster, debut single “Electric Priestess” is out now (with an accompanying video on You Tube). You can also check out Silent Noise Parade on Facebook.

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