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Nenagh Film Club present Battleship Potemkin

March 201427th

20:00 Nenagh Arts CentreArts

Nenagh Film Club present Battleship Potemkin

The most famous of all Soviet-era films is Battleship Potemkin; a propaganda piece by Sergei Eisenstein commemorating a pivotal moment in Russian history when in 1905 sailors aboard the battleship Potemkin protested against the Czarist regime, which was keeping them in deprived conditions. This strike prompted local revolt in the port of Odessa and tangentially contributed to the collapse of Czarist rule in Russia.

Eisenstein used ‘Battleship Potemkin’ to test montage editing techniques which we are now taken for granted in cinema, most notably in the famous closing scene, where Cossack soldiers march on civilians on the Odessa steps. Hailed as one of the greatest films ever made, Battleship Potemkin remains engaging and intense, 90 years onwards from its release.

This film will be screened in Nenagh Arts Centre on Thursday, March 27th at 8.00pm.

Admission €8.

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