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Leap of Kindnes Day for Non-profits & Supporters

February 202029th

Nenagh and Surrounding areaCommunity, Fundraising, Other

Leap of Kindnes Day for Non-profits & Supporters

What will you do with an extra day? Why not use your extra day to do something kind? You can join our #leapofkindnessday celebration simply by doing something kind for someone else and if someone else on does something kind for you then pay it forward. You can band together with your coworkers and organize a food or clothing drive. You can champion your own community’s celebration of Leap of Kindness Day.

The Nenagh & District Chamber of Commerce is the the very FIRST Chamber of Commerce outside the United States to join in this event begun by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce four years ago. You can see Nenagh on this map—the first ones!

The second #LeapOfKindnessDay, will take place, on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

Leap of Kindness Day happens every 4 years. The idea is to get as many people in our community as possible to use the extra day we all get in a Leap Year to do something kind for someone else.

Non-Profit Organizations: Are you a member of a non-profit organization that would like a bit of extra help. Perhaps you need a room painted or for people to donate supplies. Contact and let us know what you need. We will make sure everyone knows! Also, consider this as a way for the community to find out about what your group does.

Kind Volunteers: Looking for like-minded people? Already volunteering and would like to see more people join you? Tell us what you will be doing on the day and possibly give other people an idea smile

You can check out this website for ideas!

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