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Cinnamon Alley Cafe

Cinnamon Alley Cafe

BRIDGESTONE AWARD "Best in Ireland 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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Fullset Play The Thatched Cottage

February 201409th

21:30 The Thatched Cottage Music

Fullset Play The Thatched Cottage

All accomplished young musicians in their own right, FullSet create a stunning and unique sound that is full of energy and innovation, whilst all the time remaining true to their traditional roots.

In recent years this young group has received much critical acclaim, even being compared to supergroups such as Danú & Altan by respected Irish Music Magazine.

FullSet thrill audiences throughout the world & in the 10 days they head to America to begin their Spring Tour.

So don’t miss this opportunity to hear them for yourself in The Thatched Cottage on Sunday night, February 9th.

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