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Film:  ‘71

March 201602nd

20:30 Nenagh Arts CentreArts, Entertainment

Film:  ‘71

71 - Wednesday 2nd March, 8:30pm, tickets €5

Set in 1971, with escalating tensions in Northern Ireland, Gary Hook (Jack O’Connell) is one of a group of young English soldiers sent to keep the peace on the streets of Belfast. Completely clueless to the politics of Northern Ireland and ill-served by his commanding officers, Hook is sent out on a routine patrol and house search which quickly descends into a chaotic riot.

Hook gets separated from the rest of his unit and they return to base without him leaving him to fend for himself in an unfamiliar and very hostile city. As night falls, he attempts get back to his army base, a disorientating journey brings him into contact with Unionist and Republican paramilitary units, as well other dark forces stoking the flames of conflict, waging their own dirty war.

A notable debut from TV director Yann Demange, this exhilarating action movie will keep you on the edge of your seat it could relate to so many other conflict zones, set in Northern Ireland it give us a slightly different perspective on ‘the troubles.’

The film was shot on the streets of Blackburn and Liverpool, featuring a great Irish cast including Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations) and Charlie Murphy (Love/Hate) David Wilmot (Shadow Dancer & The Clinic) and Killian Scott (Calvary).

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