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Borrisoleigh Drama Group “Spreading the News”

June 201313th- 14th

20:30 Marian Hall, BorrisoleighEntertainment

Borrisoleigh Drama Group “Spreading the News”

What do you do when people keep saying ‘we should’, ‘why don’t we’ ‘wouldn’t it be great if..’? You get up and do something about it! And so it is that the newly formed Borrisoleigh Drama Group came to be. A lot of people expressed an interest in a drama group, a meeting was arranged and 35 people turned up. Some of those involved in the Group have never been on stage but have always had a burning ambition to be the next Pierce Brosnan or Meryl Streep and decided to give it a shot. Having a laugh and going home with a smile is the main aim of the group. And in the times we have now that is no bad thing for anyone! To promote this feel good factor the group decided to take the bull by the horns and get a play ready for stage. This has resulted in Borrisoleigh Drama Group proudly presenting it’s first production. “Spreading the News”, a one-act comedy by Lady Gregory, on Thursday the 13th and Friday 14th June in the Marian Hall, Borrisoleigh.

Spreading the News is a comedy which Lady Gregory wrote for the opening night of the Abbey Theatre in 1904. The play is set in a rural village on fair day with the arrival of a new magistrate, the unluckiest man in the village, a group of nosy gossiping neighbours and a stall owner with a hearing impairment. The characters are happy to believe the worst of their neighbours and tend to talk before they think resulting in chaos. Borrisoleigh Drama Group does its version of Chinese whispers in “Spreading the News”.

Support acts by local talent will be performing on both nights. Doors open at 8.00pm and curtains up at 8.30pm. See for more information. Two great nights of entertainment are guaranteed and everyone will go home smiling. Hope to see you there!

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