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Elaine Chan Photography
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Nenagh Co. Tipperary Ireland
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Business Services, Photography & Video

Elaine Chan Photography

Elaine Chan Photography
Elaine specialises in outdoor, destination-based photography around Ireland and Europe.
Pre-wedding/Wedding including LGBT; Portraits; Special Occasions & Events; and Travel/Landscape.

Elaine is Asian-Irish. She loves to work with a diversity of people and cultures including ethnic minorities, LGBT as well as differently abled people. During her travels, she has captured a lot of spectacular photographs locally, nationally, and internationally. Elaine would make your photo-shoot extremely relaxing, comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Elaine has also obtained other qualifications and industry experiences in business digital marketing as well as information technology with multimedia. If you would like to avail of Elaine’s expertise in digital marketing (including social media, website creation, graphic designs plus more) then, feel free to contact her about it too.