Nenagh Neptune Swim Club Notes 17-05-2015

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Nenagh Neptune Swim Club Notes 17-05-2015

Nenagh Neptune Swim Club Report

It’s been another busy few weeks attending galas with a North Munster Championship taking place recently. Again we have been well represented by a high number of swimmers from the club who had achieved the qualifying times in the previous months galas to gain qualification for these important regional events. Our thanks again to Swim Ireland Munster branch and Askeaton Swim Club who hosted these events recently.

North Munster Championships – Askeaton 25th – 26th April
Attending Coach – UtaFietsch

22 athletes from Squad 4, 5 and 6 represented Nenagh Neptune Swimming Club at the North Munster Championships in Askeaton last weekend.

Askeaton is by far the most challenging gala of the year, every year. We went from tears and disappointments one year to winning the McCarthy Shield another. Throughout the years we had lots of personal best swims, unfortunate disqualifications, newly graded swimmers and qualifications for the National Divisions. It was no different this year.

The swimmers impressed with a very good stroke delivery, excellent dives and tumble turns, most of all Kelvin Knight and Emily Ryan.As a lot of hard work went into race pace training over the past few weeks we took great care in recording each swimmers splits (times taken at every 25m turn). Sorcha Nagle impressed with a continuous 21 second split for each length of her 200m Frontcrawl race.

All participating athletes swam to their best ability. With a total of 71 entries, we achieved 56 personal best swimming times and had only 3 disqualifications. Furthermore the athletes won 22 medals: 8gold (Emily Ryan, Ethan Geoghegan, Phoebe Cooney, Sarah Lane, Billy Seymour and Dermot Kinane), 7 silver (Thomas Adams, Patrick Finn, Christine Ryan, Dermot Kinane, Shane McAteer and Billy Seymour) and 7 bronze (Lily O'Brien, Ethan Geoghegan, Shane McAteer and Christine Ryan).

Congratulations to Ellen Frahill, who achieved her Grade B times, to Christine Ryan, who moved up to Grade A and National Division 2's, Ethan Geoghegan who qualified for the National Division 2's and Thomas Adams who was more than thrilled to swim himself into the National Division 1's on his final race of the day.

Congratulations to all swimmers we haven't mentioned yet: Dylan Geoghegan, Tadhg Kelly, Sarah Seymour, Sarah O'Brien, Mark Brennan, Mark Ryan, Ian Knight and Clodagh Ryan who all swam personal best times!

It was a great day for all involved and a fitting end to weeks of hard training.

Swimmers at the North Munster Championship in Askeaton

Swimmers at the North Munster Championship in Askeaton

Results on the day:

50m Freestyle: Thomas Adams 26.20(PB), Ethan Geoghegan 28.05(PB), Tadgh Kelly 30.57(PB), Dermot Kinane 31.03(PB), Ian Knight 30.14(PB)-- 50m Backstroke: Dermot Kinane 34.49(PB), Sarah Lane 46.53(PB), Shane McAteer 43.37(PB), Billy Seymour 35.77-- 50m Breaststroke: Patrick Finn 44.67(PB), Ellen Frahill 50.48(PB), Shane McAteer 45.83(PB), Billy Seymour 46.47(PB)--  50mButterfly: Ellen Frahill 46.56(PB), Ethan Geoghegan 31.18(PB), Tadgh Kelly 32.89(PB), Clodagh Ryan 50.09(PB), Billy Seymour 37.82(PB)-- 100m Freestyle:Ellen Frahill 1:25.06, Ethan Geoghegan 1:02.92(PB), Tadgh Kelly 1:08.48(PB), Dermot Kinane 1:08.93(PB), Ian Knight 1:05.87(PB), Sarah Lane 1:35.38(PB), Shane McAteer 1:13.61(PB), Sorcha Nagle 1:17.12(PB), Clodagh Ryan 1:26.91(PB), Mark Ryan 1:06.83(PB), Billy Seymour 1:14.29, Sarah Seymour 1:18.33-- 100m Backstroke: Mark Brennan 1:40.89, Dylan Geoghegan 1:36.27(PB), Dermot Kinane 1:21.03, Christine Ryan 1:22.17(PB), Emily Ryan 1:18.16(PB), Mark Ryan 1:21.18(PB), Sarah Seymour 1:33.71-- 100m Breaststroke: Mark Brennan 1:49.72(PB), Patrick Finn 1:42.47(PB), Dylan Geoghegan 2:04.59, Kelvin Knight 1:43.52, Lily O’Brien 1:40.28(PB), Sarah O’Brien 1:37.89, Sarah Seymour 1:40.67(PB)-- 100m Butterfly: Ethan Geoghegan 1:12.64(PB), Tadgh Kelly 1:22.30, Sarah O’Brien 1:44.58, Christine Ryan 1:31.45(PB), Emily Ryan 1:20.38 -- 100m IM: Ellen Frahill 1:39.57(PB), Sarah Lane 1:47.46(PB), Lily O’Brien 1:26.75(PB)--200m Freestyle: Mark Brennan 3:02.47(PB), Patrick Finn 3:11.05, Ellen Frahill 3:07.35, Dylan Geoghegan 3:08.74, Ethan Geoghegan 2:23.14(PB), Ian Knight 2:28.57(PB), Kelvin Knight 2:54.81(PB), Sorcha Nagle 2:47.20(PB), Lily O’Brien 2:43.94(PB), Sarah O’Brien 2:49.57(PB), Christine Ryan 2:42.12(PB), Emily Ryan 2:26.29(PB), Mark Ryan 2:28.50(PB), Sarah Seymour 2:50.65 -- 200m Backstroke: Mark Ryan 2:46.15(PB) -- 200m Breaststroke: Sorcha Nagle 3:36.17 -- 200m IM: Phoebe Cooney 3:17.37, Dylan Geoghegan 3:30.40, Ethan Geoghegan 2:41.28(PB), Kelvin Knight 3:14.39(PB), Christine Ryan 2:57.78(PB)--

Munster Grade C – Askeaton 10th May

Attending Coach – Peter Hennelly
Our swimmers enjoyed a very rewarding day at the Grade C Gala held in Askeaton on Sunday last 10th May. First into the pool at the Limerick venue was Jimmy Dwyer and he got the Nenagh Neptune team off to a good start with a PB of 1:40.24 in the 100 Free. Jimmy continued his good form through the day as he went on to record PBs in his 3 other events - a 59.59 in the 50 Fly, 2.07.12 in the 100 IM and a 45.75 in the 50 Free.
Connor Leahy's efforts saw him knock off 11 and 12 seconds respectively from his 100 Free and 100 IM times. Connor's 1:26.90 in the 100 Free and 1:42.24 in the 100 IM secured his grade B status on a day that he also recorded PBs and claimed bronze medals in the 50 Fly with 53.24 and in the 50 Breast with 52.08 in the 14 to 15 Age Category.
Our 3 youngest swimmers on the day can take great pride in their performances too with PBs for Kate Ryan in the 100 Free – 1:53.59, 100 IM – 2:19.27 and in the 50 Back – 1:06.31. Laura Quinn had PBs in the 50 Back – 1:09.44 and in the 100 Free – 2:02.27 - an improvement of over 12 seconds on her old PB while NikoletteHeveli had PBs in the 100 Free – 1:51.59 and in the 100 IM – 2:10.24 an improvement of over 14 seconds on her previous mark.

Ellen Ryan continued her good form as she recorded 4 PBs from her 4 events, 100 Free – 1:35.72, 100 IM – 1:59.14, 50 Breast – 1:02.68 and 50 Back - 55.81 notably making significant improvements of 10 and 12 seconds respectively in her 100 Fee and 100 IM times.
Martain Ryan achieved 3 PBs in the 100 IM – 2:00.59, in the 50 Back - 53.90 and in the 50 Breast – 1:05.17 as did Sophie Hogan in the 100 Free – 1:46.65, in the 50 Breast – 1:04.94 and in the 50 Free - 43.96 with Sophie's strong swim in the 50 Free securing her the Gold medal in the 11 and Under Category.
Mariana Gheorghita achieved a PB and her B grade time for the 100 Free with a swim of 1:27.63 along with another PB in the 100 IM with a mark of 1:48.81 while Padraig Cody also secured a PB, a bronze medal and a B time in the 100 Free with a swim of 1:26.37. Padraig also went on to PB in the 50 Back with a swim of 46.72.
Elaine Treacy's determined efforts were rewarded with 4 PBs on a day that she recorded her B time and a bronze medal in the 100 Free with a swim of 1:30.22 - an improvement of over 13 seconds on her old mark. Elaine recovered from her earlier efforts to claim PBs in the 100 IM – 1:50.59, in the 50 Back - 49.00 and in the 50 Breast - 59.58.

Achieving B Grade status was the focus of the day for Blathnaid Ryan and Sarah Lane and they didn't disappoint with Blathnaid securing the required PB marks in the 100 Free – 1:29.62 and 100 I.M – 1:46.22. Blathnaid completed a clean sweep of PBs with a 52.10 in the 50 Back and a 53.65 in the 50 Fly which also earned her a silver medal in the 11 and Under Category. Sarah achieved her goal with a PB in the 100 IM with a time of 1:45.20 while also claiming a silver medal in the process in the 12 -13 Category. She PB'd in the 100 Free for good measure with a 1:34.32 swim.

James Finn and Sean Hogan also had aspirations of making the move up to the B Grade and again they produced the required performances. James lowered his previous B grade time in the 100 Free to 1:23.32 and also claimed the silver medal in the 12 -13 Category while his 1:42.05 in the 100 IM guaranteed B grade status. Sean produced one of his best set of performances in a Nenagh Neptune hat securing B grade status in claiming PBs, medals and B grades in the 50 Back - Gold in a time of 44.44, 50 Breast - Gold in a time of 45.01 and 100 IM - Silver in a time of 1:35.50 which was an improvement of 21 seconds on his previous mark.

Well done to all on a great days performances - a reflection of the efforts that you are making in training. Keep up the good work.

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