Fundraiser: Nenagh Athletic Club

October 201729th

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Fundraiser: Nenagh Athletic Club

As a result of a recent act of vandalism in the form of an external fire and extensive internal smoke contamination

Sections of our recently finished extension need to be demolished and rebuilt.
Sections of our building have suffered extensive smoke damage and require specialised industrial cleaning before training can resume in those areas (Access to these areas is restricted at present.)
Much training equipment needs to be replaced as it was contaminated by toxic smoke and fumes.
The list of equipment includes among others: High Jump Foams, Pole Vault Foams, Timing Equipment and replacement of Track surface. (Contaminated equipment is currently quarantined)

Despite these difficulties and after an initial clean-up effort drive, we have resumed training in a smaller section of the building.

We are currently fundraising to help restore the facilities to competition level, the club will need to generate an estimated €90,000 of its own funds to achieve this.

Please donate to our fundraising effort by clicking the "Donate Now" button on their website.

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